Getting Started with Class Yoga

Welcome to the Class Yoga Schools community! You’re part of a growing network of schools and teachers teaching yoga & mindfulness to their pupils, giving them incredible life skills!

Through following our kid's yoga classes your children will learn invaluable life skills, feel calm and centred, be able to recognise and self regulate emotions, and feel an increased sense of self belief, confidence and compassion. Yoga has also been shown to dramatically help in stress management, and aid natural sleep.


Yoga is a moving form of mindfulness. Through connecting with the breath we exist only in this moment. Being mindful is shown to have incredible benefits for everyone, but we often need a little help getting there.

Children especially benefit from a moving mindful practice, as kids tend to want to move, which is how yoga works so amazingly.

Because yoga is our connection to the breath this is what we focus on in Class Yoga. We don’t use loud graphics or stories as a narrative to our classes as these elements take the children out of themselves and the moment. Class Yoga is real yoga for kids.

Please join our Teach Real Yoga to Children group here, a community of likeminded education and yoga professionals teaching real yoga to kids!

How to use these classes

Most of our yoga classes need a bit of space, and ideally a yoga mat or something similar, but can also be done on a carpet.

We also have standing and seated classes, great for when you are short of space or want to do a quick class without rearranging any desks.

Provide a safe, supervised space for your pupils to do yoga. Resist the urge to ‘adjust’ the kids in any poses. They will figure things out on their own.

If your school is new to yoga give the children time to adjust to this fresh activity. It is not uncommon for a class to giggle and ‘act out’ a little at the start. Stick with it and as the children get use to yoga you will see a positive change across the class & school.

In the Class Yoga library we have age specific classes, all age (5 to 11) classes, classes with specific learning outcomes, seated and standing classes, guided relaxations & series classes, plus ‘life event’ classes like yoga for exams.

Focussing Classes

These classes teach the ability to concentrate and focus on a task, and a sense of achievement as the children see improvement in their abilities. A focus class before a particular task is a great way to get your class ready to perform at their optimum level.

The more the children do a particular class the more improvement in their own ability will be noticed. A wonderful aspect of yoga is that it is a personal practice, so peer competition is taken out of the equation, making it fantastic for both sporty and non-sporty kids!

Energising & Relaxing Classes

Our energising and relaxing classes are great for regulating energy levels in your classes. You can also combine these classes with a focussing class, for example a energising class followed by a focussing class to get ready for a particular task.

These classes are also a great way to bookend a PE session.

From our feedback the children absolutely love the relaxing classes, as for many of them it will be the only time in their day that they are told to do nothing!


For each age group we have a 6 classes designed to be done in order, so the children can get to know a sequence and then build upon it. Definitely don’t rush through these classes, doing each class several times before moving on is a great approach.

Standing & Seated

Designed for the classroom, when you are short of time and space these classes can be done behind the desk, on a chair, or on the floor. A great quick hit of mindfulness!

Life Event Classes

In this collection we have ‘life event’ classes, yoga for sports, stress and exams. All our yoga classes will benefit these areas, but if you would like a class specifically focussed on yoga for worry for example these are great!

Breathe & Relax

New for 2020 is the Breathe & Relax collection. Over the next few months we'll be adding guided relaxations, visualisations, meditations & affirmations into this collection.

Let Helen guide you through these short classes that are great for a classroom, have specific outcomes & can have a transformational effect on your kids!

A class for teachers

The most effective mindfulness teacher is a teacher practicing mindfulness. Sounds obvious we know, but how does a stressed out teacher become calm & mindful? Try our 5 minute yoga class for teachers, great at the start of the day, or whenever you have a spare 5 minutes. If you have not developed a mindfulness practice yet this is a great place to start.

If you have any questions please contact us via our support form, and we would also love to hear your feedback on how the classes are going!

The Class Yoga Team